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Military Loans


A wide range of options for military loans are available to active duty military personnel and/or career retired military personnel. Those who currently serve and those who have served in the military for an extended period of time deserve to know that they can access money when they need it for reasons similar to civilian needs – home and auto loans, consolidation loans, home refinancing, school loans for children going to college. Unlike civilians, active duty military personnel may be deployed to locations away from their families for a year or more at a time, and their families may need personal loans to help them with emergencies that arise during this period.

There is help for members of the military with debt consolidation loans, paying off payday loans, auto loans for car repair, military bad credit loans and personal loans to help them get through emergencies and financial rough spots that military members encounter. Now that military payday loans, military cash advance loans, refund anticipation loans and car title loans are less accessible to military personnel, military members need to find responsible solutions to their financial problems. Military loans have been specially developed to help active duty members of the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard manage their debt.

Quite often a person serving in the military may have a credit score that does not accurately reflect their creditworthiness because of frequent moves, deployment and financial issues unique to military service. Military personnel should look at all of the options available to them when seeking to apply for military loans. They should consult with their senior officers and research any special programs that the U.S. Government has for them before relying on non-military solutions for their financial problems.

There are private money lenders who provide military loans to those serving in the armed forces. All United States military personnel are eligible to apply for these loans no matter where they are stationed in the world. Their loan application can be processed regardless of their location or deployment. Military loan proceeds can then be deposited directly into their home bank. Most of these private lenders employ loan officers who are veterans of the armed forces and understand the stresses and situations that currently-serving military personnel are in.

Lenders will try to make the application process as easy as possible. Most loan applications can be submitted online, and there are usually no upfront loan fees to apply. When loans are approved and if the applicant approves direct deposit into their home bank, loan funds can be disbursed very quickly, within a few days in many cases. Loan payments can be done by military allotment, meaning the payments are taken directly out of your military pay and you don’t have to worry about missing a payment or incurring late fees.

Military loans are available through simplified application processes to qualified active duty and retired military personnel. Bad credit military loans are also available to those who have had financial difficulties and whose credit scores do not qualify them for loans with a lower interest rate. Military car loans and military personal loans can be applied for with most lenders through an easy online application.
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